💗These "I Love Lucy" Earrings Are Vintage-Inspired Fabulous! 💗

One of my favorite old school shows from the 1950's is "I Love Lucy". How could you NOT love that show?! Hilarious, unique, creative, and Lucille Ball's dresses were stunning! I had to pay homage to the classic show with a pair of earrings!

I decided to create the earrings based off the show's logo and the infamous "Chocolate Factory" scene haha!

I think these came out super cute, especially with the pink uniform! I definitely plan on creating more of Lucille since she's had so many hysterical moments on the show!

These would go perfect with a pink, vintage 1950's dress, a white blouse, jeans, and red heels, or a red and pink shift dress! Can't wait to add more to the collection!

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