Artist Showcase: Byootifulee Hueman

I love colorful art! That's why I HAD to ask Miss Stephanie Bell of Byootifulee Hueman to be the featured artist for November 2016's Artist Showcase. Byootifulee Hueman art is as fun and creative as the spelling of the name. This brand celebrates the diverse skin tones of people of color through art with some great products that will be sure to have you stand out in the crowd. Get to know Stephanie Bell!

1. Introduce Yourself!

Hi! My name is Stephanie Bell. I am a 25 year old artist with a Marketing BSBA. I currently reside in Denver, Colorado. I create with the purpose of uplifting and empowering people of color.

2. How long have you been creating art and what inspired you to create?

I’ve been creating art since I was a young child. I believe my mom’s creativity is what inspired. It seems like I’ve always had a knack for creating things.

3.You have a unique name for your art brand. What's the story behind it?

Byootifulee Hueman came to mind because my initial emphasis was to show that there is beauty in all skin tones. It makes more sense when you see the “HUEMAN” written out in color. The "H-U-E" in Hueman is, of course, referring to the hue of skin. I spelled the word "Beautifully" phonetically because, I feel, it helps my brand stand out and it intrigues people.

4. What's your favorite project you've created so far?

It's so hard to choose a favorite! I think the project I'm most proud of is the "Lil Goddess" painting. I worked for so many hours on that project and I was impressed by the amount of time I spent on the background details.

5. How do you go about your process of creating art? Is there any specific music or mood you have to be in while creating?

My process consists of being inspired by some sort of outside force like a current event, an article, or even a photo and visualizing it as either an illustration/painting or words (that'd I'd put on a t-shirt or some other item). I rarely sketch my paintings anymore because I feel my first attempt at a project is always the best.

I don't always listen to music when I create, but when I do it's always something different. Sometimes I just want to vibe to smooth jazz, neo soul, or R&B other times I'll jam to some rock or rap music.

6. What makes your art stand out from other people's art?

My art is very colorful and I sit somewhere between photo-realism and caricature. I think that helps me stand out because I normally see portrait artists creating either strictly caricature style art or precise photo realistic portraits.

7. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you work with and why?

I would LOVE to work with Tim Okamura! He's such an inspiration to me because of beautiful urban scenes and spot on portraits. I'd love to work with him so some of his talent could rub off on me.

8. What's your favorite thing about being an artist? What's the most challenging and how do you overcome that challenge?

My favorite thing about being an artist is being able to turn a blank canvas to an invaluable piece of work that makes people feel good.

The most challenging thing is, honestly, really believing that what I create is good work. We are our harshest critics and sometimes we make the mistake of measuring our greatness by comparing what others are doing to what we do. I'll vent to close family or friends about how I feel and also take time to reflect and remind myself that it's not a competition and that my work is as amazing as I think it is.

9. What advice would you give to younger artists and aspiring artists?

My advice to young/aspiring artists: Practice as often as you can! Also, don't seek the approval of others when creating your art, do what you love--what you're called to create-- and you will prosper!

10. Where do you plan on taking Byootifulee Hueman in the future and how do you plan on going about it?

In the future I'd love to see Byootifulee Hueman art be available in stores so that many can afford and access are that represents people of color in a positive light. I plan on presenting my work to retailers in hopes that they will believe in my vision and welcome my work into their stores.

Thanks a lot, Stephanie!





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