10 Ways To Boost Creativity

As artists, or even as non-artists, it's normal to have those brain farts during the process of creating. No matter what genre of art you create, or what kind of artist you are, we all can get in a creativity rut from time to time. When living life in a society built on the 9-5 day to day routine, we may not have a lot of time to dwell and meditate on ways to make ourselves more creative. Here a few quick ways to boost creativity:

1. Listen to new music

Look, we all have our favorite genres of music we listen to, but there's nothing wrong with stepping to the wild side and listening to new genres of music. Fan of hip-hop? Try some classical music if you're not a fan. Rock music lover? Billie Holiday has an amazing collection of music.

2. Travel more

Sometimes you just need new scenery! Getting a breath of fresh air in a new environment brings a new experience, new visuals, and interactions with new people. Can't afford to go on a grand trip to Aspens or Miami? Travel to a local town or city in your area for a day to explore. You could even purchase a cheap train or megabus ticket to have a day trip to a new city in your state or province.

3. Visit museums

Seeing visuals of paintings, checking out history displays, cool science exhibitions are all so refreshing to see at local museums. Anything that will tickle your intellectual fancy and get you to ponder is helpful in getting those creative juices flowing.

4. Learn a new hobby

Knitting is one of many new hobbies that I want to try out. Trying new hobbies, especially those having to do with creativity, open up a whole new world of crafting, new ideas and hey it might even become a future business venture for you.

5. Watch foreign films

One of my favorite foreign films is "Like Water for Chocolate". Watching foreign movies is educational as well as a form of entertainment. If you're learning a foreign language or planning to visit another country, watching foreign films also gives you a chance to learn about another culture.

6. Cook new food

We all have food that we're used to cooking, but what about food that we've never tried before? Take on that challenge of finding an interesting dish, getting the ingredients, then making it. Not only is this a tasty treat for you, but it also expands your palate and adds some adventure to your life. I tried fried oyster mushrooms this year, and it tastes like chicken!

7. Research

No matter what your interests are, you'll always need to research to be a master at your craft. The best thing about the internet is that there's so much free information out there! Take some time every week to read blogs, watch YouTube tutorials, or read books based on your craft. Since I'm into photography, I love checking out YouTube videos on how to improve my skills in Photoshop.

8. Make lists

This is such a random process, but it's very beneficial. List your favorite restaurants, favorite places to go, favorite books, future goals, and more to stimulate your imagination. Creating lists also adds some organization to your thoughts so you can better create.

9. Take photos

Look, you don't have to be a skilled photographer to take great pictures! Even if you can't get your hands on a professional DSLR camera, taking photos on your cell phone is also fun. Organize these photos under categories such as "Nature" and "City Life" on photo accounts like Photobucket or Picasa to help you get a vision for your next project.

10. Create a vision board

In the past few years, vision board crafting has become very popular. You can find vision boards all across Pinterest boards and other blogs. Make a "Creativity Vision Board". Find photos, quotes, and words from old magazines that adhere to your creative vision and what you wish to create. You can even create vision boards for specific projects you're working on such as "Jazz Art Inspiration Vision Board".

What most of these suggestions have in common is stepping out your comfort zone, unless you're already about that life. Life itself and the experiences it brings is bound to lead you into the steps of creativity, but there's nothing wrong with being open to trying new ideas. Structure is also a theme. While many artists aren't the most organized, these ideas are sure to help de-clutter and properly categorize your vision for a better creative process. Happy creating, folks!

What do you do to boost your creativity?

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