"Bird Lady"
"Naturally She"
"Dance Flapper, Dance"
"The 80's Baby Hip-Hop Head"
"Gameboy Goodies"
"Wanda Waffle Cone"
"Makeda the Space Cadet"
"Bearth on the Sunrise"
"Cora the Cookie Girl"
"Honey Girl"
"Playing at the Blues Club"
"Dream Shatterer"
"Debra Donut Dancer"
"When God Made the Universe"
"Lovely Lupita"
"The African Girl"
"I Love Lucy"
"Lady With the Afro Sings Jazz"
"Legendary Trio"
"Stages of Life"
"Serani Sundae"
"I Am She, She Is Me"
"Queens of R&B"
"Fruta y Amor"
"J. Cole"
"Kinda Dangerous To Be An Emcee"
"Mother Galaxy"
"The Monroe"
"If I Ruled the World"
"Shades of Royalty"
"Good Hair"
"Set It Up In Zimbabwe"
"Wish I Could Bring Pun Back"
"Baby Girl"